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We can help you grow your business by turning your website into your top-performing salesperson.

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Hello, I'm Kendra Dickson!

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I built Gold Buckle Social Media to help customize successful strategies that will simplify your day, free up your time and send buyers straight to your doorstep.

Our Secret Formula 
That will upgrade your online sales process

1. Craft an irresistible offer that your customers can't turn down

2. Build a sales page that turns visitors into customers automatically!

3. Advertise on social media to find and bring new customers to your page

Your website is probably confusing customers... 

  • Most websites have the right information, but no clear call-to-action
  • ​Most website visitors leave after only 8 seconds
  • ​In order to capture your audience’s focus you have to have a focused message.

... instead of building credibility and trust.

Learn how to use your website to guide your visitors. Informed visitors become confident buyers.

Our Services

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising empowers organizations to scale like never before by reaching the right people at the right time with the right content. Targeted advertising removes guesswork and protects your budget by providing real-time tracking and fast results.

Sales Page Design

Where do your advertising campaigns lead your customers? Your website is only a showroom, but a sales page can be your top-performing salesperson. These single pages are strategically designed to convert your website visitors into customers by clarifying your message and amplifying your call-to-action.

Website Design & Development

Upgrade your website to be beautiful and highly functional for your customers. The speed and ease of use of your website can have a dramatic impact on how visitors engage with your business online. 

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We've worked with some great brands since 2010!

What people are saying about us...

Ed Z. Owner of Tech Startup
Copywriting & Sales Page
To the point, knowledgeable and insightful are ways I would describe Bruce and his team. They helped me with a landing page design and Facebook Ads but their insight and tips were also very valuable.
  • I would hire again!
Zach L. Leal Life Coaching
Facebook & Instagram Ads
He obviously knows his stuff and I would would recommend him to anyone looking for consulting around the area of social media marketing strategy.
  • I would hire again!
Lindsay S. Author & Ghost Writer 
Business Coaching
Bruce has a unique ability to cut through the clutter. As a creative I have many ideas popping on all cylinders at all times and that can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and confused. Bruce can listen and give super valuable insight in a matter of moments, which is quite an unusual gift. It's like he understands the creative brain and helps to guide it instead of getting frustrated by it. I highly recommend him for all endeavors that have to do with creativity and business.
  • I would hire again!
Paige H. Owner, Sleep Artisan
Facebook & Instagram Ads
Jake has been great to work with! Fast response time and quality work. I definitely recommend!
  • I would hire again!
Callie M. Director of Growth at Lasting
Google Ads Coaching
Lindsay and Bruce were incredibly responsive and thorough, and the communication was incredible - from the pitch to the meetings to the follow-ups. They have such a great balance of creative and technical skills. I was most impressed with the way they listened and offered solutions to the exact problems I needed to be solved.
  • I would hire again!
Nick K. Helium 10
Facebook & Instagram Ads
Having worked with Jake for some time now I have really appreciated all his knowledge and quick support. Building and scaling effective Facebook™ campaigns can be a tall order but with Jake on your side you're going to see that ROI continue to rise!
  • I would hire again!

$97 FREE 30 min Strategy Call

Your first hour of strategy is on us
Schedule a call and we’ll help give you actionable feedback for your online sales process.

Schedule a call today!